"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

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What Happens on a "Taster Weekend"?

A Tyro "taster weekend" allows you to try before you buy, and to experience a typical kart race weekend.


You may book through a telephone call (07711 606967) backed up by an email (steve@tyrokarting.co.uk).  We will then send you details of your weekend, the costs and information that we need from you.  Once booked you will need to purchase a pair of race boots; race boots are those that protect the ankle.  The web is a good place to source these for around £30.  We provide all of the other clothing for the driver, helmet, suit and race gloves, as well as the kart ready to race.  All we need from you is the height of the driver, so that we may prepare the correct seat position, race suit size and gloves. Do not purchase your own equipment until you have discussed this with us, not all equipment available in the marketplace is legal for the more professional side of kart racing, particularly helmets!  


Our hire charges are £200 for the weekend plus VAT, covering all of the equipment, coaching and assistance.  Our staff are all from Protrain, an Internationally recognised kart training organisation.  So you will not be on your own, a Protrain coach being with you throughout the weekend offering driving and technical assistance.  The driver's potential mechanic will also start to learn about the simple maintenance procedures that we follow during a race meeting.


Your weekend starts by you being at the circuit for 8:00am, having had location maps from us.  We check out the seat and clothing fitting and check you in with the circuit. Weekend circuit fees vary between £65 for Fulbeck and, more typical, £100 for Rissington and Shenington  Once clocked in, we walk the circuit with the driver, so they get to know exactly the racing line that they should  be taking.  


To race in other kart classes new drivers need to have a driving test, an ARKS (Association of Racing Kart Schools) test, to permit them to race, this is not needed for Tyro!  In Tyro a Protrain team member watching the driver through practice will indicate to the race officials that the driver is fast enough to race in safety.  97% of the Tyro drivers have developed enough skill on the practice day to race on the Sunday!


The Saturday test day comprises of 5 sessions, where each class racing on the weekend have their own individual test sessions.  This means the Tyro drivers being on the circuit about once an hour.  When the day comes to a close we sign on for the race meeting and have the kart and the driver's equipment checked by a scruitineer.  If the meeting is noted as Karting UK on our calendar you will need to fill in forms (we carry them) to obtain a licence for the driver (free) and the guardian (£21) ready for the Sunday racing.  Whilst we carry the forms for this, you will require to bring a passport like photograph of the driver and the guardian.  A race meting noted as "Non" on the calendar does not require a Karting UK licence.


On the Sunday we will arrange to meet, probably about 8:30am, and have everything ready for racing.  There will be a "Driver's Briefing" when you will be told by the race officials how the meeting is to be run and then a 3 lap test session, just to make sure everything is running nicely ready for the racing.  You will take part in three heats, when you will start from the back of the grid.  For the final the points you earned in the heats will decide your position on the grid.  Around 5:30pm the day will close with a prize giving for each of the race classes.


You all go home, tired out, but full of excitement.  Hanging in the air the question, is Tyro karting ideal for you?


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