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By Steve Chapman, Apr 16 2019 11:27AM

Superb racing as usual at the first Tyro meeting of the year at the Shenington Circuit. Having had a very wet Rissington to start the year, and a good meeting at Fulbeck, it was looking good for some exciting meetings ahead. Each year we see a front group of around four drivers who dominate, but as the years pass, and drivers become too heavy or too old, new drivers come forward to take their places. Sure enough we saw the new grouping in all their splendour at Shenington. Yas Harris, Bradon Hill, Tom Ralston and Pedro Oliviera were almost always in the top four, swapping places lap after lap as they battled for glory. Of course, the glory in the final, after three exhilarating heats, being the list above. Just behind this bunch, and much improved this year, we saw Flynn McClumpha, Ed Rose and Jacob Kelham, ready to pick up a place if those in front faltered. We also had some clues as to whom would be joining this second bunch very soon, a few new faces who were gradually picking up speed. Off to Fulbeck 20 & 21 April and looking forward to even more exciting racing.

By Steve Chapman, Jan 11 2019 12:30PM

With the Tyro Junior Karting season now over and next season’s calendar published, our teams should be looking at their equipment with a view to make sure everything is ready for a March 2nd start at Little Rissington.

Everyone naturally looks at their engine as being a possible weak link in their performance, but they seem to down play, or not realise, what achieving everything for your team requires. If we talk about any team and why they are successful there are four items which make that success (1) the driver (2) the engine (3) the chassis (4) the team manager/mechanic. The balance is equal they all contribute equally, three are not enough without the fourth element.

Drivers improve for a number of reasons, but most of all they improve though racing, not through testing as most people seem to think. Testing is useful for jet settings but charging round for lap after lap without expert guidance hardly changes the driver’s performance and can lead to bad habits that are difficult to break! Other test areas like Tyro wheel positions and tyre pressures are so well researched that it is probably not worth changing from the recommended settings, and anyway they may only be improving due to the conditions on the test day! Racing teaches everything, throttle control, braking, racing lines, concentration and the variants that are required to overtake. These areas are all needed, but are only seen in their true light during the high pressure situation that is racing! So if progress is to be made by racing, we should see a young driver attending as many meetings as possible. When the Chapman family were winning British Championships year after year that was achieved through racing every single weekend of those years! So, the first point, if you want success through the driver you have to be out there racing.

The engine is important, but day to day on track it is the setting of the carburettor that is the most important contributor to where performance may be gained. Keep checking the carb filter and filter the fuel itself before use and most carb problems go away, particularly if that is combined with an annual carb service. Engines will gradually have a loss of performance over the 50 hours expected from a Tyro between major services, but with an engine the complete internals may be changed making any engine as good as new. Second point, be aware that environmental conditions will dramatically effect the carburettor, hence engine performance. If you want to test it is the carb that you need to understand, so it should be the carb adjustments that should be tested. What happens if the low end setting is too rich or too weak, the high end setting too rich or too weak? Never adjust the high jet to less than 35 minutes without having checked the colour of the top of the piston during a previous session, double check with Steve or Nathan! Having first recorded your current race carb settings, you may test these variants at a circuit where you can come in, change and go out again; virtually the same conditions so a valid test. However, do not do this until at least two test sessions have been run by several classes which will clean up the track and make you adjustments valid.

Very very often a totally neglected part of finding performance is the chassis. The frame takes quite a battering and this is magnified if the driver is prone to bump into things, particularly if hitting barriers. Any incident that bends any of the consumable chassis parts should be investigated. A simple shunt may bend a track rod, but has it bent the steering column, stub axle, a wheel, or even the rear axle? An annual chassis check is equally as important as having an engine checked over in a minor service. But checking realigning etc etc is fine, but please have in your mind the chassis is stiffening up all of the time and this changes the chassis characteristics and this makes a negative change to performance. In the area at the front end of the sport why do you see the drivers using three chassis in a year, stiffness change means performance change. So, as many of you may eventually have the internals of an engine changed you should also consider buying a new chassis and moving all the parts fitted from your old to you new frame? It is asking too much of a driver to send them out on a five or six year old frame.

The team manager/mechanic is a far more important person than most of you seem to think. Setting up the kart so that nothing falls off is a good start! However, if you want your driver to progress you must start putting in effort too! Its fun to stand and watch with your friends, but it is far more assistance to your team if you view your driver on different parts of the circuit and ask why if their line is not the same as the top drivers in the class. Just as we do, you will be given an amazing set of excuses, because that is all that they are! Never be happy if you have made adjustment to the outfit and the driver comes in saying they are very happy. The only area that should interest you is the lap time. Anything that does not improve lap time is of no use if you intend your driver to become a top driver. You should always have a stop watch in your hand. Yes, it is very nice to have those times on your dash, but they do not tell you the compete truth. If you are watching your driver and taking lap times, you will perhaps see a lap far better than the others; why did this happen? What did you see that was different? Was it a different line or some late braking? Whatever it was you need to have your driver doing it all of the time. This is how you progress, to stand watching with your friends may be very enjoyable but hardly helping your driver.

The most difficult area is the driver’s temperament. You must learn to read them and pick you moment to criticise, but you must learn to criticise because without criticism how can the driver overcome their errors and improve?

By Steve Chapman, Nov 28 2018 01:13PM

Saturday testing went well after a damp start, everyone seemed very happy with their performance which gradually improved as a dry line developed on what started as a very damp track.

Heat 1 Joshua Leivers led away from Flynn McClumpha but the stars from the Championship soon burst through to the front. Harry Carter was off like a rocket from grid 6. Harry taking third on lap 2 and bursting past 2nd place Lucas Romanek and the leader, Joshua, on lap three. From then on Harry just pulled away. The last lap was most exciting. A five-way battle for 5th, which had raged throughout the race, was finally settled with a flurry of overtaking. Brandon from 8th went past 3 drivers to take 5th, Flynn running in 7th took 6th. But that was not all as up front, once again on that last lap, Ben Cox came from 4th to 2nd demoting Joshua and Lucas who had been swapping places in a great battle. The result a first three of Harry, Ben and Joshua. Ben setting a fastest lap of 53.90.

Heat 2 With Yas Harris not taking his pole position, the start was totally manic, half the grid went backwards whist half the grid went forwards. End of the first lap it was Tom Ralston from grid 5 in the lead from, Lucas (grid 10), Brandon (grid 6), and Harry (grid 7) and the biggest leap forward from Joshua (grid 12) next up. Lucas and Tom seemed to be constantly swapping places until Tom went off on lap five. Otherwise the poor starters slowly climbed back up, but nothing spectacular went on. The result Lucas from Pedro Oliviera, and Joshua, with a fastest lap and new lap record of 52.48 for Ben.

The Final - Lucas led away from pole, to be constantly harried throughout the race by Joshua and Ben, who seemed to be always either passing each other or about to be attempting an overtake Lots was going on further back, after a flurry of places changing in the first few laps there were more at half way and even more as the race moved towards a close. I think everyone involved in the race, except the leader, had at least one overtaking success. Our winner of the final race of the year already crowned as our Champion was Lucas, from multi lap record breaker throughout the year Joshua, and our “rain master” Ben. Fastest lap went to Joshua with a 52.56.

Well that is it after a magnificent 2018 season Lucas is moving into the Protrain first team to drive an X30 whilst Ben and Ash along with Alex are moving on into TKM all using the new Gillard TKM chassis. But that is what we do, build young racing drivers who carry on enjoying their racing TOGETHER!

By Steve Chapman, Nov 27 2018 12:47PM


Dry and cold to start with but sun came out just before midday. With Steve away, Nathan was

managing the weekend ably assisted by his father,

As you would expect the new team of Arthur and Colin were first to arrive. In no time Nathan had

helped them get the kart set up and fitted the seat.

Testing underway Sam was complaining of severe vibration which made it impossible to see. Upon

investigation, the team concluded that there was a slight bend in the axle. Adrian and Nathan’s dad

changed the axle over but due to several seized bolts and the axle sticking, he missed session two.

What you would expect with a 6-year-old chassis!

Session two went well. Session three saw a few little spins from the mid pack, mainly into Bruno and

due to trying to carry too much speed. As we usually do usual Nathan went around with a track map

to sort the drivers out who needed it. The final session of the day ran very smoothly, everyone

seemed happy with performance and Nathan and dad were able to leave the track early with mostly

positive opinion of the day.


In a complete contrast to Saturday, Sunday was a day of rain, rain and more rain. For timed practice,

we had a greasy track with a drying line. Lucas and Yas topped the time sheets with Ben and Tom in

close attendance. Braden just pipped Pedro followed by a great showing from Ed.

The first heat came just as the rain arrived. Heat two was probably the wettest of the day, Lucas

found his way through to the lead and romped home to victory. Alfie was standing at the side of the

track again but this time due to clipping a kerb and losing his chain. He confirmed that the engine

was finally running as it should.

Heat three was a corker! Luke (now on the Tyro back up engine due to at that time unknown starting

problems) started P12 and due to a bit of bunching at the first bend, came through to P6 before the

end of the first lap. He went on, fighting his way through the field to finish an excellent P3. He and

his dad were over the moon. Alfie followed him home in P4. The boys were back!

Between the last heat and the final, Nathan had a bit of time to breathe and decided to look at

Luke’s own engine. Following a review of the manifold and starter motor, he took the large red cover

off the engine and found that the low-tension wire to the coil had been chaffing against the crank

case. It had just about worn through to the first strand of copper and must’ve been intermittently

shorting out

The final saw Lucas and Ben take a well-deserved front row. They checked out right away and were

both unchallenged for much of the race. Yas drove well to take P3. There was a battle further back

between Luke, Pedro, Braden and Alfie. It looked like Braden had got it until he defended on the last

lap and Pedro went through, only to run wide and Luke went through on the pair of them. Great

racing! Overall a successful weekend but several new challenges made it a bit of a brain teaser for

Nathan, but “that is what we do!”.

By Steve Chapman, Oct 30 2018 02:09PM

Mid October and the Tyro Junior Karting teams were off to Fulbeck for the last round of their Championship.

Heat One saw a victory for Joshua Leivers from Lucas Romanek and Ben Cox. Not far behind with his new engine was Tom Ralston. Unfortunately, the individual lap timing system was out for the first heat but a mere second covered the first four drivers over the finish line.

Heat Two, with the timing system providing us all with live information was exciting. Victory went to Lucas with Joshua beating the Tyro lap record one more time, bringing it down to 52.50 secs. Once again, an amazingly close race in Tyro, just 0.07secs between the first two. Third place went to Yaz Harris and fourth Ben Cox.

Heat Three, and whilst we had the same two leaders they had swapped places with Joshua first and Lucas second. Ben took another third place, but this time chased just half a second behind by Pedro Oliviera.

The Final started in chaos, the marshals had forgotten to remove the two cones that normally only guard the entry to the first chicane from the second lap; not after the start. Everyone except the unsighted Pedro managed to get through but it did disturb some driver’s starts. Lucas and Joshua swapped places a couple of times, but it was Lucas taking the victory from Joshua, Ben and Yaz. Once again only 0.08secs between the first two!

The top five in the Championship receive their trophies at next month's Fulbeck race meeting as we await the final points to be pulished!!!???

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