"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

Tim 2013

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Budget Karting Guide - How would your family fit into Tyro?




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Low cost karting is what we targetted when Tyro Junior Karting was being developed; we hit our target!


Kart racing can be a difficult sport to fit into a family's life.  We feel that Tyro Junior Karting offers a number of different areas which will better suit the average family budget.  


One of the features of Tyro racing is just how close the drivers are able to race together without any form of contact.  We are meeting after meeting having the circuit staff applauding our drivers for the great entertainment that they are and at their amazing ability to constantly keep out of trouble.  It is not just a fluke but an example of how well trained drivers are able to fully obey the rules.  One additional advantage of this approach is that in Tyro race damage is almost non existant!


What does it mean for their racing?  Firstly they grow to trust each other and to know their racing limits.  Secondly clean racing means little or no contact damage and a much cheaper way to go racing.  Ask a Tyro dad how much it cost to go racing and his reply will be - race entry fees, 5 litres of fuel and the travel cost to get to the circuit. A new outfit and a year of 18 race weekends will cost around £6,500 with transport and accommodation according to where you live.


Ask anyone from any other class and they will be talking about new tyres every meeting and up to several hundred pounds in race damage.  Our tyres will last a season with no change in dry weather efficiency and we have already covered race damage!


A quote from Alonso

"I train a lot of karting, it still helps. I have done some 24hour kart race to prepare for Le Mans.  All the kids I follow and help, even when they are 14 or 15 they want to switch to cars and I stop them. The highest level of karting is 100 times higher than F4 or F3 Championship, so karting is not only the best school, it is probably the third - or fourth- biggest arena in motor sport."

from Motorsport Magazine

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