"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

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This class is like no other in the sport, we race as one team, everyone working together in making a race weekend something to be enjoyed.


Tyro Junior Karting is not just the most economical form of racing at the front end of the sport; (see here) it is very much more. Not only for the relatively low cost of a Tyro kart, but for the low cost of competing through the  racing season.  Each Tyro racing outfit is exactly the same. With no changes to their structure allowed, the result is that, unusual in the sport, this class is 100% based on the driver's performance.

Do not worry that you do not know anything about karting; our help is always on hand at every one of our  race meetings.  We are from the Protrain team, recognised throughout the world as one of the top kart coaching organisations, we guide the drivers and their families, to make every race weekend a happy and exciting experience for all.  Coaching, offering kart adjustment advice, and on the spot if you have a problem, all part of what we do.

With Tyro we place as much emphasis on developing the child’s personality, as we do in developing their racing techniques. Having run some 60 plus drivers through Tyro we are very familiar with the way our young people behave.  One of the joys of Tyro is the way we are able to bring out the child, to develop them as a person and to develop their inter person skills.

Parents have fed back to us how their child has totally changed and for some, in having a deep involvement with something like Tyro, this has given them excitement that the parents have not seen in the child before.  We are not just a race team, we are proud to be involved with helping children in the  sport and in their life; no child is left out of the Tyro social life!  You see them sharing their experiences, getting involved in the fun and games off the circuit, whilst being serious about their racing on the circuit.  What could be better than a team BBQ on the Saturday evening, testing is over and time to get together for a great evening.

To buy a new Tyro will cost £3434 including VAT, absolutely ready to race, just add fuel.  Second hand outfits come up for sale, with drivers moving on due to age or weightas they become too heavy.  They range between £1100 and £1900 depending on age, and how successful they have been.  But try before you buy with a "Taster Weekend"?


Between race meetings, which happen every other weekend, there is the "Tyro News", a news letter keeping

you up to date with all that has and is about to happen as the racing season progresses.


Tyro offers more for your family than just going racing!


Contact admin@tyrokarting.co.uk or Call 07711606967

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