"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

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What is Tyro Karting?  It's full blown family FUN!


Tyro Junior Karting is part of a very exciting sport! Rushing down the straight at up to 60mph, braking hard for a bend, picking your line, easing through the bend and then back on the throttle again, to power out of the bend.  

Or chasing another driver, watching like a hawk for an error, looking for space up the inside, pouncing and gaining a place. Yes karting is very exciting!  Each test session, each race, improving your performance, taking your lap time nearer and nearer to that of a top driver, this is even more exciting  


But Tyro karting offers even more.  Time with the other drivers, who fast become your friends off track.  Before long you have up to twenty young people of your age doing everything they can to help you improve your performance.  Add to this the massive experience of the Protrain coaching team, who over very many years have been developing national and international champions. Maybe you could become one too?  Remember every driver on the Formula 1 grid started in kart racing; now you too could become involved in the thrill of real motor racing?


We can bring your family into karting in the simplest way, by guiding them through their first few years as you grow into a competant kart driver and they learn how to look after your kart.  As you gain more experience you will start to win races and even possibly championships, because Tyro karts race at a number of circuits who include Tyro in their Club

championships. With four different circuits there is a good chance of picking up a championship and at the top of the list is the annual Tyro Championship.


You see a picture here of our 2017 Championship winners and the fantastic Tyro Champion's trophy








If you require any further information email admin@tyrokarting.co.uk

or give us a call on 07711 606967

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Tyro kart racing is a family sport for boys and girls..

The Protrain staff are constantly coaching the drivers, here using a circuit map to help with the driver's understanding of racing lines

Racing as well as developing the driver's character builds their confidence and builds lasting friendships


The Protrain team are always on hand, ready to help and offer advice.

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