"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

Tim 2013

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Here are just a few comments we have received about the Tyro experience, don't just take our word for it!


Thank you for an excellent weekend, my daughter really enjoyed herself on both days and with more practice hopefully will keep up with the boys!

She enjoyed the company of the boys and girls, all who were kind and encouraging towards her; not forgetting Steve, Phil and Howard for their hard work and encouragement.

We are all keen to continue with both the July and August meetings.

My wife Gill was initially very concerned about her daughter taking part but seems a little happier having seen how you operate and the huge grin on her daughter`s face all weekend!  


Thank you and Regards


I wanted so tell you what a fantastic experience the whole weekend was for my

son, and us as parents. He got to test and race a 'proper' kart and were thrilled with

the experience - he said it even exceeded his expectations (which were quite high anyway!). Both he and I learnt a huge amount and the feedback was superb throughout from Steve, Howard & Phil.

On race day especially, Howard and Phil were a terrific help to us on our first visit, as they were to all the other children and parents. I thought the atmosphere was spot on - everyone keen and eager to improve, and yes there is competition there but in a far more controlled environment and way better than I remember from days gone by following my Dad around numerous kart tracks when I was younger!

Several parents were very generous with their help and advice too, which was very refreshing – let’s face it, we all want our own to do well, and the team spirit was excellent, and the odd 'moment' on circuit left no bad feelings.

My son was over the moon with his maiden win - 'a win's a win' as the saying goes, however it comes about, and over the moon with his 50.96 best in the final - his first sub 51 second lap.

I would thoroughly recommend this intro level to anyone who will listen! The karts give a real taste of performance.

Anyway, thanks again - Tyro really is an excellent introduction to real karting, and I wish you every success going forward.


Best wishes


Well, what a lovely day we had on Saturday!

Oscar and Archie thoroughly enjoyed the karting experience with you and I can honestly say it was delightful to meet so many nice friendly and knowledgable people.

Thank you to Howard for mentoring them both throughout the day and to everyone else we spoke to who gave us tips and information, Paul and Ross, Rob and Josh (JWR) et al.

We would love to see the photos that you took as soon as you are able to send them to us.

Look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting!


Chris, Oscar and Archie

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you, H and everyone else involved in the Tyro meeting.

Words can't describe just how pleased I am that we chose this route back into karting & the way you all, as organisers & fellow participant made myself and Lewis feel welcome is unheard of in modern sport, so we can't thank you enough.

I sincerely hope that the powers that be take notice of what you are doing with Tyro, as you know, I raced karts through the 1990s & continue to race cars now, but without doubt, had it been for that chance visit to Rissington in October where we first saw Tyro, we still wouldn't have had Lewis on track yet, as the jump from even just 3 indoor sessions (in Lewis' case) to "propoer racing" is massive, and this gap is now bridged by Tyro, making the jump that less daunting.

Thanks must also go to the other drivers & paremts. I can honestly say I was delighted how all the kids interacted, and in our case it was a welcome sight to see Lewis laughging with his new mates, without a single games console to be seen

Thank you all so so much again


Steve .

I can honestly say your drivers are great to watch. Ayrton Senna once said his most fun racing was when he was karting. You really sense the drivers are doing this. It's not all about big bucks but the amount of fun per pound! I wish they would race at other circuits we visit. Your drivers are always a good topic of conversation on the way home. Rosberg take note! Race and Respect!

Yours sincerely, Ian Higgins, Nat B Clark of Course

A quick thank you to all the TyroKarting drivers and parents that offered consolation to Jack and help to me, including getting me to slow down a bit with the repairs after our problems yesterday. It really is a team effort and all of us have a hand in all the karts running in the series one way or another, ex drivers and parents included. It's really much appreciated.


Chris Godden Kart 22


From Adam Levinson Kart 56


Another top weekend away karting with Tyro. Not spoilt by the thunder storms sat afternoon as Sunday was a scorcher. Some good consistent mid pack finishes for Kyle and a 6th place in the final. The kids in this series are brilliant. The way they all interact and help each other is great to see. Kyle finished in front of one of the older lads who is well quicker than kyle, no sulking, straight out the kart and gave him a well done and a big hug. Even when incidents happen where one of them is at fault Steve who runs the series has them for a talk and it's moved past and forgotten. It's amazing to see and one reason I'd recommend tyro so much!

Even though we have only just started in Tyro I have already come to appreciate the effort you put in to the success of the class and the enjoyment of the drivers.


Paul April 2018

Toby and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  You and Nathan were exceptionally helpful and hospitable.  Toby found all the boys very friendly and welcoming as were the parents with me.  We both really felt part of the team from the moment we arrived - you deserve much credit for what you have built, congratulations