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The Tyro Junior Karting kart is a full racing outfit, registered as a race class with Motorsport UK, absolutely complete ready to race, it costs £3434 including VAT, but we are able to offer staged payments.


 The 95cc engine is TAG (Touch And Go, often called push button start) produced by Radne of Sweden, with all of the expertise that you would expect from that country and a company formed over 50 years ago. Designed in 2008, the Raket 95 is one of the most modern racing two-stroke engines in karting rated with a top limit of 12,500revs.  The new ideas that are incorporated within the engine reduce fuel consumption and therefore emission levels, as well as reduced noise levels to around 97 decibels, making it future proof beyond almost any current racing engine.  The engine generates its own ignition, uses a centrifugal clutch and  is air cooled by a fan attached to the crank.


The Gillard chassis, designed by this World Championship winning company, has been specifically designed for the Tyro, to offer the best performance in all conditions using the universal tyres.  The Chassis is made of 28mm tubing, has a 101cm wheelbase, and it is complete with a 30mm hollow axle.  The kart is fitted with standard international bodywork, side pods, Nassau panel and nose cone.  It must be raced exactly according to the original specification, only Gillard Tyro parts are permitted.


The Tyres are Heidenau HDD Intermediate, which are used in all conditions, removing the need for the purchase of a set of wet tyres and rims.  This removes a major and expensive problem which plagues other classes.  In kart classes that use a wet tyre, drivers are often caught out with wet tyres running on a drying track, the result the wets are often totally destroyed.  A typical HDD tyre life is around 20 hours use, enough for more than a full season and they become quicker as the tread wears down!


The final drive sprocket for each circuit is defined and as part of the regulations it must be used by each competitor. This action prevents the temptation to over rev the engine and prolongs the period between maintenance periods; Radne say every 50 hours.


Cannot afford a new one, then second hand karts sell for £1200 to £1900, available each year as the older drivers move on?


For racing class data ages and costs click here.


Tyro supported test days are available by appointment.  





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The Tyro Junior Karting's Kart Specifications


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