"It is absolutely the perfect class to move up to outdoor racing and learn to be competitive."

Tim 2013

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Tyro News No. 40 December Contains - Race Reflections Fulbeck, All About Going Testing with hints and tioe, End of Another Year, chnges in venue dates and new venues


Tyro News No. 41 January 2017  Contains - Licences and joing a club, price changes, test days and venues, cleaning up the kart, driver fitmess, free to wander on other circuits.


Tyro News No. 42 February 2017 Contains - Improving Performance, "techno nuts" data, parts prices, a weight problem, Mychron tips


Tyro News No.43 March 2017      Contains - Checking those nuts  & bolts, the MSA judicial system, what dads see & what officials see, a bit of light relief

rvice, confirmed race dates, race reflections Fulbeck, race reflections Rissington, Championships, overtaking errors


Tyro News 45 May 2017    Contains - Safety procedures during racing, engine use, best driver times ,  race reflections at Fulbeck, race reflections at Shenington


Tyro News 46 June 2017    Contains - Tyre regulations revised, the Wombwell visit, race reflections Shenington, race reflections Fulbeck, race suits and things, the summer cup


Tyro News 47 July 2017    Contains - Coil Warnings, regulation oddsand ends,  gearing,  race reflections Wombwell and Rissington,  a very special team, Summer Cup update


Tyro News 48 August 2017  Contains - Tyro Economy, all about speed,  race reflections Fulbeck, race reflections Rissington


Tyro News 49 September 2017  Contains - Race reflections Shenington,race reflections Fulbeck, looking sfter that brake, Safety Checks


Tyro News 50 October 2017 Contains - About Racing Regulations, All about the Carb, Race Reflections Shenington, Race Reflections, Fulbeck


Tyro News 51 November 2017 Contains -  Race Reflections Shenington, Race Reflections Fulbeck, Changing a rear axle


Tyro News 52 December 2017 Contains - "That is What We Do", Race Reflections Shenington, Race Reflections Fulbeck,


Tyro News 53 January 2018 Contains - Pre season checks, a licence for 2018, hotel bookings, engine use, end of year 5


Tyro News 54 February 2018 Contains - New to Tyro, why so much regulation? when should we or we should not move on? good news


Tyro News 55 March 2018 Contains - All about competitions, Spring Cup regulations, 8-9-70 Regulations, how to fix vibration,cost of parts, Regulations for 2018, starting and stoppin the R95

chassis and tyre settings


Tyro News 56 April 2018 Contains - News Letter changes, April racing review, routine chassis checks, Spring Cup Update results and points.


Tyro News 57 May 2018 Contains - May racing review, Giving Up? Spring Cup details, final results and points,


Tyro News 58 June 2018 Contains - What we should be aware of? June Shenington & Fulbeck, next season notes, moving on, new drivers, trophy presentations.


Tyro News 59 July 2018 Contains - What we should be aware of? July Rissington & Fulbeck, lap records, brake mystery colved.


Tyro News 60 August 2018 Contains - 5 years of news letters reviewed, what do you know about Protrain?, Championship points, 2019 regulations.


Tyro News 61 September 2018 Contains - Sticker Kits, important 10 minutes, track records, possible 2019 calendar,  Championship points after 5 rounds

Each month we produce a News Letter that carries information including hints and tips on how to look after and improve the performance of a Gillard Junior Tyro, as well karting regulations and other points that our families should be aware of.

NEWS Number 58 June 2018